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Album: MMXV (2015)

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We started it in 2010. Rare demos left somewhere in soundcloud.Passing through many changes we open new part of our history since 2015
Lyrics are not on english but it's easy to translate.

We proudly present our mini-album, the long road to which was launched more than a year ago. We have repeatedly postponed this point, but the time anyway made us go here a watershed in the history of our group. Now we can say in some extent that the group has taken place and it has product of works. In our way we tried to reproduce the process and flow of events, which took place through us, leaving traces of memory and heart are important both for ourselves and for potential listeners.
Focusing on the results, we extent defined our own vision of how our music should sound no matter what preferences dominate in a particular musical environment.

We also want that the process of reflection, which should take place, forced to think, or to inspire you to various achievements, both in private life and in those around us.
Change yourself and the world.